During the tenure of my business life, which is about 45 years so far, I have dealt with many professional institutes and service providers including all of the big five.  I should say, Avisar and you, Chris, are one of the most professional organizations and people I have worked with.  Wish you and Avisar all the best. 

Sam Ramsson, Ramsson Enterprises Corp. 

Our group of companies has used Avisar's CPA services for over ten years. My business was getting complicated and I needed assistance. As my business affairs grew in scale and complexity Avisar has been a partner in new company organization, acquisitions, on-going and strategic tax planning and estate planning. I have found our businesses well served, our interactions productive and our relationship professional. I would recommend Avisar without hesitation in all the areas that we have used their services.

The staff and partners that have assisted us understand the complicated dynamics of small family businesses, work diligently to solve problems, describe and communicate options and outcomes and have, in my opinion, served beyond simple accounting and tax planning. When my mother-in-law, a company director, passed away suddenly this fall, business related to her passing was conducted quickly and efficiently. However, a day later I received a hand-written card with personal notes from eleven members of the Avisar CPA team who had worked on our business file over the years and word of a donation to the Alzheimer’s Society of Canada. I believe all business is personal. I am confident in the persons that I talk to and sit across from at Avisar that they have integrity, wisdom and competence.

Darcy White, Ydenberg Properties Ltd. and Rho – Orion Investments Inc.

I have worked with many accountants over my 39 years working in the medical field and find that Avisar CPA’s service surpasses the others.

  • Always a quick response to queries and solutions with any of the accounting/reporting/records keeping requirements.
  • Appreciate that this is done in layman’s terms with a friendly non-condescending attitude.
  • Avisar provides above and beyond personal care and I have felt that the office’s questions are always answered with expertise and promptness.

I have highly recommended this company to many other offices and will continue to do so.

Linda Birmingham

For over a decade, Avisar has provided Novo Textiles Co. with professional, timely and proactive customer service. Their ability to provide fair solutions for all financial situations has always reinforced my choice to work with them. The great value they have brought to our partnership will continue for years to come and I strongly recommend them to any size business large or small.

Jason Zanatta, President Novo Textiles Co. Ltd.

Although we are a B.C. company, our shares trade only on the OTC Bulletin Board in the US. Avisar conducts all of our accounting at the parent level. They have also ably assisted with compliance, financial reporting and tax preparation. Avisar has always risen to the challenge and done a good job keeping up with ever-changing reporting requirements in our multi-jurisdictional operations.

Richard L. McAdoo, Chairman & CEO Continental Energy Corporation

In our search to find a reputable accounting firm that could work with our custom home building company our #1 priority centered on identifying a firm that shared the same values and principles that have made us successful and could help us advance both our corporate and personal goals. The second area involved seeking expert advice relating to our corporate structure and subsequent tax strategies. Finally, we looked for a firm that would take a genuine interest in the welfare and success of our company, offering advice and counsel on matters as they related to not only business, but family as well. I will say without hesitation that Avisar Chartered Professional Accountants has exceeded our expectations and it has been a pleasure to work with Helmut Janzen and his team.

Paul Thiessen & Gerry Gauer, New Creation Homes Ltd.

As a qualified accountant myself, I want a public accountant relationship that provides true value added business and tax advice, and provides a practical approach to compliance work. Avisar delivers on these precepts.

Dave Pollock, CMA, Controller for Bakerview Forest Products Inc.

I've known and worked with Steve Krause for over a decade. He has been integrally involved in the financial aspects of many of the companies that I have been associated with (such as Peru Copper Inc., Bear Creek Mining Corporation, and Pacific Rim Mining Corp.) and his office handles my personal financial affairs, including tax filing and planning. Steve is knowledgeable, diligent, and highly ethical and has been a pleasure to work with these many years. I would have no hesitation recommending Steve and Avisar to anyone!

Catherine McLeod-Seltzer