Chartered Professional Accountants in Langley

Avisar Chartered Professional Accountants offers comprehensive accounting, tax and financial services to clients throughout Langley and the surrounding areas. Whether you require assistance with your income taxes or you are looking for consulting services that can help keep your business on track, our team of professional accountants in Langley can help.

Non Profit Financial Consulting in Langley

Langley Accounting Services

Our accounting services for public companies, privately owned businesses, and not-for-profit organizations are tailored to meet the unique needs of each business. No matter what your Langley business requires—from basic accounting to in-depth business analysis and advice—you can rest assured that you will know exactly what to expect, what the cost will be, and the overall value of the service being delivered before we start.

Accounting & Tax Services for Privately Owned Companies in Langley

Avisar’s dedicated team of CPAs in Langley are committed to understanding each business' needs in order to provide clients with comprehensive accounting, tax, and business advisory services that are designed to help minimize taxes, manage risks, and properly plan for growth and long-term success. From strategic advice and tax planning to corporate reorganization and business succession planning, our accounting and tax services for privately owned companies in Langley come with the individual attention required to achieve smart business solutions and solid financial results.

Langley Tax Planning & Tax Preparation Services

By staying versed in the latest tax initiatives and reporting requirements, Avisar’s accountants in Langley can ensure that our clients are well-informed of the current Canadian and US tax legislations. Whether you need help with complex Canadian and US border tax issues or managing tax credit claims through the federal and provincial governments, Avisar's full-service tax team of CPAs in Langley can provide compliance and tax consulting services to minimize tax and plan for future success.

Tax & Accounting Services for Public Companies in Langley

Avisar Chartered Professional Accountants provide tax and accounting services for public companies in Langley and the surrounding areas, including day-to-day bookkeeping, preparing financial statements, and liaising with external auditors during the year-end audit and review process. Our dedicated team of CPAs in Langley provide clients with a flexible structure for enhancing shareholder value while also adhering to all financial reporting requirements.

Langley CFO Consulting Services

Langley businesses that are in need of ongoing CFO consulting services can rely on Avisar's on-call, offsite Chief Financial Officer to manage all of the day-to-day accounting matters, as well as to provide advice on any complicated business and tax issues that might arise. Our CFO consulting services are tailored to the needs of each individual business so that we can provide the most progressive approach to deliver solid financial results.

Accounting and Assurance Service for Langley Not-for-Profit Organizations

Where do you go for support and a sounding board? Not-for-profit organizations in Langley benefit from our team’s assurance and financial reporting expertise, their involvement in various operational issues, and their compliance advice.

Langley Avisar Chartered Professional Accountants

If you own a Langley business and are looking for a Chartered Professional Accountant to handle your accounting needs, we can help. Get in touch with Avisar today by calling 604-513-5707.