Tax Planning & Tax Preparation Services

With expertise in Canadian and U.S. tax planning and compliance, our tax team provides you with the clarity needed to take maximum advantage of current tax legislation. 

Let’s face it, tax is complicated. That’s why Avisar’s tax experts work hard to stay versed in the latest tax initiatives and reporting requirements and to keep our clients informed and empowered with the knowledge to gain the upper hand in their entrepreneurial ventures.

With a fluctuating global economy and rapidly changing tax legislation, receiving accurate information and sound advice in a clear and timely manner is more crucial than ever. Dedicated to efficiency, precision and excellence, Avisar's full-service tax team of CPAs (including specialized consultants) provide compliance and tax consulting services to minimize tax and strategically plan for success. From dealing with the complexity of Canadian and U.S. cross border tax issues to managing claims for tax credits through the federal and provincial governments, Avisar is well equipped to provide smart business solutions and solid financial results.

Canadian Corporate Tax

Avisar offers a variety of Canadian tax services to our corporate clients of all sizes and industries. Our tax team assists our clients with the preparation of corporate income tax and information reporting, provincial reporting, claims for industry specific tax incentives such as Research & Development (R&D), Mining Exploration tax credits, and Flow-Through Share tax credits. We also guide our clients through complex tax transactions and develop strategic tax plans to minimize tax and maximize cash flow.  

U.S. Corporate Tax 

Avisar's highly specialized tax team offers United States corporate tax services, including navigation through the complexity of U.S. Federal and State tax law; preparation of U.S. Federal and State tax returns; consultation on Nexus to determine corporate liability for State income tax; identification and adherence to the intricacies of U.S. tax law and its interaction with the Canada-U.S. tax treaty; assessment and advice on international business expansion and corporate reorganization.

Canadian and U.S. Financial Statement Tax Note Disclosure

Avisar provides the specialized knowledge to assist our corporate clients with the preparation of financial statement income tax notes in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and United States Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (U.S. GAAP). We also act as a liaison between company management and external auditors in preparing the necessary working papers and accounting entries.

Individual Income Tax

Our Canadian and U.S. personal income tax services are about more than just compiling our clients’ tax documents and sending them to the tax authorities. Our tax services are focused on knowing our clients’ personal and family situations to fully maximize the tax benefits available to them. We are committed to being an available resource to all of our clients throughout the year. When tax questions arise, we are here to help and guide you. You will never have to deal with the tax authorities alone.

Trust and Estate Tax

Estate planning is a critical but often neglected task in many people's lives. Unfortunately, the effects of failing to plan your estate may be costly to your loved ones. Without a plan in place, your intentions to distribute your assets will not be taken into account and settling the estate may result in unnecessarily high legal fees, accounting fees and income taxes. There are key steps that you can take to ensure that your hard-earned resources are used wisely.

Our trust and estate planning experts listen to and guide our clients through the process of building a plan to distribute wealth in a way that connects with their goals and values. This process assists our clients in exercising control over the distribution of their assets in the most tax efficient manner possible. We also complete the annual compliance requirements of estate and trust tax reporting.