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Clear Expectations

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Avisar’s people are always looking for ways to improve the firm.  Case in point, our managing partner, Bernie Zacharias, came across an article on LinkedIn recently that he felt resonated with Avisar’s culture; Clear Expectations Help People Meet Your Standards.  Avisar’s partners have incredibly high standards and they constantly challenge their team to get a little bit closer to perfection with every client interaction – and the team accepts this challenge head-on.

It hasn’t always been this way though.  Years ago, before a transition of leadership, it felt like everyone did their own thing and went their own way.  Avisar’s clients were being served, but not by a team of like-minded individuals pulling in the same direction.  The leadership group saw this and recognized that if they wanted to take Avisar to the next level their team needed direction.  The team needed clear expectations.  They needed to know what kind of firm the partners wanted Avisar to be and what their client interactions should look like.  Each staff member needed to have clearly defined expectations of their role and responsibilities within the firm.

These days, each member of Avisar’s team has a clear understanding of how they can positively impact every interaction with the clients they serve.    The partners communicated clear expectations and now, the team is working together to get a little closer to perfection every day.