2019 Personal Income Taxes At Avisar

While we understand that your personal income tax return may not be the highest of your priorities right now, it is still our preference to prepare and file your return by April 30, 2020.  We are actively encouraging all of our clients to submit their personal income tax information electronically as soon as possible in order to meet this deadline. All we need from you is to:

Complete our personal income tax checklist (with up-to-date contact information) and any other required tax organizers;

Scan your information, or use Office Lens to take pictures with your phone or tablet and convert them to a readable PDF;

Submit your information to us via our secure client portal.

We are also encouraging our clients to receive their personal income tax packages via RightSignature, our secure electronic signature service, as much as possible this year.  We appreciate your understanding and receptiveness to this option if it is not something that you would normally consider. Signing a document through RightSignature is a simple process that any of our administrators can assist you with if required. We are confident that our secure electronic tools will make submitting and receiving your personal tax information easier than you thought and look forward to working together to meet our goals and deadlines. 

From your perspective, it should seem like we are conducting business as usual even though many of us are not physically in the office. 

We are encouraging all of our clients to continue to interact with us via email, telephone, and even video chat if that is your preference. It is our hope that you are continuing to follow social distancing suggestions and that you will refrain from coming to our office unless you absolutely have to. 

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